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Onsite remediation is a critical phase of contaminated land management. At Provectus, we have a wealth of experience in designing and implementing innovative solutions that work in collaboration with our clients, regulators and stakeholders.


Our remediation team has a proven track record in the successful delivery of remediation projects across a range of sectors.

We understand that every site is unique and requires a tailored approach.


Our team works closely with our clients to develop a site-specific strategy that takes into account the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each site. This includes a range of innovative and collaborative solutions that ensure effective and efficient remediation.

Our approach includes the use of cutting-edge technologies, including in-situ and ex-situ remediation techniques. We also conduct lab and field pilot trials to assess the effectiveness of proposed remedial options, ensuring the optimal solution is selected for each site.

We take a collaborative approach to the remediation process, working closely with our clients, regulators and stakeholders to ensure that all necessary approvals are obtained, and that the remediation is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

At Provectus, we are committed to delivering exceptional remediation solutions that exceed our clients' expectations, and leave a positive legacy for future generations.


  • Waste assessment - Onsite delineation sampling and disposal.

  • Hazardous materials surveys - Assessment and mitigation.

  • Site Development Abnormal Cost Appraisals - We pride ourselves on providing robust technical and commercial advice to our clients by helping them manage potential risks and accurately detailing provisions they need to make to protect their investment and bottom line.

  • Bulk Earthworks -  Provectus offers comprehensive project packages to our clients, combining land remediation, validation, and the utilisation of advanced drone surveying. Our integrated approach allows for simultaneous completion of these crucial tasks, resulting in significant cost and time savings. By delivering all these services together, we provide our clients with a well-prepared and validated development platform, ready for their future projects.

  • Ground Improvement – Undertaken as part of land remediation projects on sites where challenging ground conditions need to be overcome.

  • Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Removal - Completed post audits or surveys and to manage risks for sites either as part of controlled decommissioning or decontamination prior to site investigation and remediation of a site.

  • Crushing and Recycling - Materials derived from site as part of Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) allows for sustainable reuse of materials within the new development site or platform.


  • Site Validation and Regulatory Approvals – We routinely assist in ensuring that end points for work elements are negotiated effectively and approvals sought in a timely manner to prevent delay in the overall project/client programme.

  • Verification and Monitoring - Of site characteristics, implementation of the regulatory approved Remediation Strategy, and long term monitoring and maintenance advice.

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