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Pump and treat (P&T) technology is a common form of groundwater remediation. Contaminated groundwater is pumped to the surface using a series of extraction wells where it is subsequently treated to remove any contaminants. The groundwater is then either reinjected into the groundwater aquifer or discharged into a nearby watercourse or sewer system. Treatment technologies utilised often include air stripping and liquid phase granular activated carbon.

P&T works most successfully where source removal of the pollutant has taken place. That is buried waste or a source such as a fuel storage tank must be treated/removed and disposed of properly.

P&T remediation is typically used in conjunction with air sparging, SVE or oxidation technologies to achieve the remediation criteria.

A major component of any P&T groundwater remediation is a comprehensive monitoring programme to verify the effectiveness of the works and allow for any amendments to be undertaken as necessary.

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