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Enhanced In-Situ Biodegradation through utilisation of In-Situ Oxygen Curtain (iSOC™) and Oxygen Release Compounds (ORC™) and Hydrogen Release Compounds (HRC™)

Enhanced in-situ biodegradation can be undertaken utilising an In-Situ Submerged Oxygen Curtain (iSOC®) system. iSOC® is an oxygen delivery technology and when suspended in existing monitoring wells, it infuses high levels of oxygen into the groundwater.

The use of dissolved oxygen in hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater to enhance natural attenuation of hydrocarbons such as MTBE and BTEX has been growing as a remediation technology since the mid-1990s. Conventional sparging technologies typically waste most of their delivered oxygen. Sparging bubbles make preferential flow paths and rise to the top of the groundwater table, escaping before they have a chance to dissolve and be utilized by naturally occurring hydrocarbon-degrading micro-organisms. iSOC® is a proven bioremediation technology that delivers high concentrations of dissolved oxygen into the aquifer. Very low operational and maintenance costs allow the iSOC® technology to be deployed in all types of remediation projects and site conditions.

Enhanced in situ remediation can be undertaken by the use of Oxygen Release Compound (ORC) and Hydrogen Release Compounds (HRC). ORC is a proprietary formulation that when hydrated produces a controlled release of oxygen for up to 12 months to accelerate the natural aerobic biodegradation and enhance rates of natural attenuation of organic contaminants. The ORC is injected into the subsurface to intercept the impacted soils and groundwater.

HRC is a simple, passive, low cost and long term option for the anaerobic bioremediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons (including PCE, TCE, TCA and their derivatives. HRC enhances the natural attenuation rates and is best utilised for the remediation of dissolved phase plumes.

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