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Soils Management Solutions

Soils Management Solutions

At Provectus we recognise that every soil treatment enquiry has its own unique set of additional requirements and challenges.

Our dedicated team of industry professionals will guarantee a cost effective and sustainable soils management solution that will include:

  • Waste characterisation and soil sampling service
  • Treatment and disposal of contaminated soils at our EA approved facilities.
  • An inclusive logistic and haulage support package.
  • Supply of onsite soils management and supervision personnel.
  • Fully auditable waste consignment notes and material tracking.
  • Implementation of waste minimisation and material reuse strategy.
  • National coverage.

Provectus are dedicated to delivering the ultimate in service and value. We strongly believe that good communication, innovative thinking and trust are key elements in the success of any project.

The development of our state of the art soil treatment facilities will allow Provectus to accept and treat soils with a wide range of contaminants.

Our sustainable treatment and reuse process is both environmentally rewarding and very cost effective, due to the end product being landfill tax exempt.

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