Provectus Remediation Ltd - Team Building and Communication Day

Team Building and Communication Day

Team Building and Communication Day

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4 teams were pitted together to solve physical, cerebral and skill team challenges.

Provectus staff were rewarded with a "Crystal Clear Challenge" based on the famous Crystal Maze programme. Taking inspiration from the Crystal Maze TV show, each team were engaged in four different puzzles, which required each team to work together effectively in order to complete each one, winning crystals based on their performance.

These puzzles challenged physical, cerebral and skill, with a big dollop of fun thrown in.

Each team had time allocated to spend in the inflatable Crystal Dome dependent on how many crystals they received, it was encouraging that no team members stole crystals from the other teams stash of crystals !

The winning team had to collect the most tickets from the Crystal Dome, to win and collect their prize.

This was also a chance for staff from different offices to team bond as they worked together to solve the challenges.

Everyone month to support our inclusion policy and our open door culture, the senior mgmt. team along with a Provectus internal guest speaker discuss topics to keep all employees informed. This is also a forum for to ask and give feedback. These monthly meetings are held via Teams Video, this month we held the meeting off site after the "Crystal Clear Challenge" and a fabulous BBQ. We were fortunate that the weather was glorious, which can be hit and miss this time of the year !

Feedback was great, everyone enjoyed the challenge, meeting up with colleagues , the outdoor BBQ and the company update.

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