Provectus Remediation Ltd - Fruit with an environmentally friendly service.

Fruit with an environmentally friendly service.

Fruit with an environmentally friendly service.

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How our fresh fruit deliveries support a healthier workforce, whilst helping the environment

Healthy Workforce

With its commitment to a healthy workforce, Provectus introduced free weekly fresh fruit over a year ago in all its offices.

Recent surveys say that healthy nutrition is increasingly valued in the UK. Companies that offer health and well-being support to their employees are likely to benefit from increased job commitment and better staff retention. A UK survey revealed that 87% of staff would rather be employed by a company that offers health and well-being support. 

Since the introduction of fresh fruit, Provectus employees started eating more fruit at their desks, eating fewer unhealthy snacks and felt it improved their quality of life at work.

Helping the environment

Provectus looked at ways it could contribute to the environment, and decided to use a Company that had an exceptional environmental commitment as below:

Planting 1 FRUIT TREE for each BASKET we ordered

No air-freighted fruit and the majority of fruit sourced locally and from Western European grower countries

Providing our 'surplus' fruit to local charities in order to minimize fruit waste.

Fruitful Office has committed to plant 1 tree in Malawi for every fruit basket our clients consume.

  • Location: Malawi, Africa
  • Type of trees: We focus mainly on guava and papaya fruit trees, as well as some quick growing trees like senna siamea to provide firewood
  • Working with: We are working with our friends at RIPPLE Africa (Charity No. 1103256), a UK Charity working in Malawi
  • Who and how many: The trees are grown by schools, households and farms. Larger farm cooperatives plant 20-30,000 seedlings in nursery each year
  • How: Seeds and tubes are provided and, in some cases, some equipment. Training is given, and there is constant monitoring during the year to ensure that as many tree seedlings as possible are ready for planting out in the rainy season. The tree seedlings are then planted out in orchards, woodlots and around household perimeters, and advice is given to provide the best ongoing care for the trees
  • Who benefits: Poor Malawian families benefit from the trees to provide both fruit and firewood for the future for their own consumption and also, in some cases, income generation

In the three months from April to June 2017, our office planted 8 fruit trees in Malawi, Africa.

We are encouraged that employees are improving their health and we are helping  RIPPLE Africa (Charity No. 1103256), a UK Charity working in Malawi.

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