Provectus Remediation Ltd - Petrol Station Remediated for Residential Use

Petrol Station Remediated for Residential Use

Petrol Station Remediated for Residential Use

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The remedial scheme was designed to break the source-pathway-receptor linkages between the identified impacts and the future residents and Controlled Waters

The remedial works included: 

  • Dismantling of the former filling station canopy and associated hardstanding to facilitate the remediation works
  • Removal of five underground storage tanks (UST) and associated fuel lines
  • Removal of an above ground storage tank
  • Removal of an oil-water separator
  • Excavation and removal of soils that had been heavily impacted from hydrocarbons associated with the USTs and the oil-water separator
  • Excavation and removal of the Made Ground in the east of the site where loose chrysotile asbestos fibres had been identified
  • Installation of four sumps to reduce the oily product and associated dissolved phase hydrocarbon impact to the groundwater through a short duration period of total fluids pumping
  • Extraction and treatment of groundwater from the four sumps using a mobile Oil Water Separator prior to discharge of treated water to foul sewer under discharge consent from Thames Water
  • Installation of an additional six injection wells and four monitoring wells
  • Two rounds of groundwater treatment using in-situ chemical oxidation
  • Groundwater monitoring for a period of four months

Following remediation, planning permission was granted for six 4 bedroom and one 3 bedroom houses. 

Our Fixed Price Solution was combined with a risk transfer insurance policy designed to protect future users and trustee owners of the site from future residual risk.