Provectus Remediation Ltd - Section 278 Works Soil Disposal- Birmingham Completed

Section 278 Works Soil Disposal- Birmingham Completed

Section 278 Works Soil Disposal- Birmingham Completed

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The site located in Birmingham was a brownfield site with a long history of industrial use. The Client wanted the site to redeveloped for commercial use and was required to construct new infrastructure under a Section 278 agreement.

Existing roads had to be removed and a new modified road layout built using a variety of materials including cobbles and granite, as well as the standard materials such as kerbing and tarmac.

The main contractor was required to commence the Section 278 Works with minimal information on soil quality in the existing road. 

Provectus supported the contractor by establishing a materials stockpiling and sampling area on site.

Arisings from the works were stockpiled by the contractor and then sampled by Provectus to allow a waste classification to be completed.  Provectus then supervised and managed the off-site disposal of arisings to compliant waste management sites. 

All waste management data was uploaded to a file sharing portal.  In addition the client had a company specific waste management system that was updated on a daily basis by Provectus.

Overall benefits to Client:

  • Management of construction arisings with minimal land quality information
  • Compliant and prompt materials disposal with full audit trail
  • Completion of materials disposal works below budget

Project successfully done, no other interfaces as all the other phases on the site had been delayed. These works were in support of a Mixed Use Development.

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