Provectus Remediation Ltd - MOD logistics depot completed in time for returning troops

MOD logistics depot completed in time for returning troops

MOD logistics depot completed in time for returning troops

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Provectus kept to a tight schedule to enable Lovell Partnerships Ltd to build 346 houses for the returning troops and their families.

The project involved the remediation of a former RAF depot ( 13 Hectares ) to provide quality accommodation for service personnel and families returning from Germany.

The original site investigations identified shallow made ground at the site impacted with low levels of asbestos, and a former boiler house area which was impacted with a hydrocarbon plume that was recommended for removal from site. The consultant had recommended import of clean subsoils and topsoil to cap the site with clean materials and then to construct piled foundations for the new dwellings. Over a 13 hectare site this amounted to a very costly and unsustainable approach to the remediation, with over 78,000m3 of materials required to be imported to the site, and a very costly, non-sustainable foundation solution, together with a significant loss of mature trees.

Provectus established the distribution of asbestos across the site, and we were able to characterise the type of asbestos (in fragments rather than in fibre form) and its distribution with only a small proportion of the site having concentrations of asbestos in excess of guidance thresholds. The asbestos impacted soils were remediated by removal of fragments by visual screening and sorting. Having carried out trial pits on a 15m grid to confirm the distribution of asbestos impacted soils, a significant volume of re-usable topsoil was also stockpiled which was a valuable resource.

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