Provectus Remediation Ltd - Former Polestar Purnell Printworks - Successful handover of development site

Former Polestar Purnell Printworks - Successful handover of development site

Former Polestar Purnell Printworks - Successful handover of development site

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Former Polestar Purnell Printworks, Paulton, South West England.

Successful handover of development site – "Provectus are extremely professional and have a total understanding of their Clients needs". – Client Comment 2011.

Provectus have this month successfully completed to time a detailed remediation and earthworks contract at the former Purnell Polestar Printworks at Paulton near Bath. The fixed price design and build demolition and remediation contract that has spanned a number of years saw significant progress over the last twelve month with completion and validation of the detailed remediation scheme in two phases. This approach allowed sale of the first phase to Bovis Homes Ltd who commenced construction at the site in June 2011.

Under previous appointments Provectus have assisted the Client in successfully completing advanced works during 2006 and 2007. These works comprised significant demolition, asbestos removal and decontamination of the associated fabric and underground structures including some decommissioning remedial works which were completed within the area of the former solvent recovery area. Other work elements completed by Provectus included Section 278 works associated with a roundabout, road improvements and a new crossing, bulk earthworks as part of the sites cut and fill exercise, and the construction of a large gravity wall within one of the development areas.

The site was heavily contaminated with solvents from the former printing process on site. Remediation of the site utilised Bioremediation, Ex-situ thermal treatment of impacted underlying siltstones below the main source area, soil vapour extraction (SVE) of soils and treatment of groundwater on site.

All works were also successfully validated and reported to the regulatory authorities within the current twelve month contract period. This included obtaining sign off of the first phase of the development within the 12 month contract period to allow development to commence.

The Client has recently commented on Provectus:

They focussed in getting the necessary work done in a timely fashion whilst maintaining good relations with the local community and minimising environmental impacts.

Working with a business that responds swiftly to challenges is vitally important to us an organisation. Their expertise was invaluable to the project and the level of communication has been excellent throughout the project, we have been kept well informed on progress, changes and challenges. It is great to find a business that can be trusted to work through issues as they arise on a project and simply get the job done, with minimum disruption.