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Harwell Completion

Harwell Completion

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n June 2005, RSRL awarded a phased contract to Provectus to carry out targeted remediation of the unsaturated zone at the Western Storage Area, Harwell.

Thermally Enhanced SVE was identified as the most appropriate technology. The site was impacted by a suite of VOC’s disposed of in the location in the 1970's.

A phased approach has been applied over the last 6 years resulting in the primary objective for the unsaturated zone remediation work being met and exceeded. The scheme has removed over 3.3 tonnes of contamination from the unsaturated zone beneath the disposal pits and the area will no longer act as a significant residual source of contamination to the underlying groundwater. Based upon the disposal history of the site, the client’s objective for contaminant recovery for the programme was approximately 2 tonnes. Provectus exceeded this recovery target by 65%. Site works and site restoration was completed in early 2012 to the satisfaction of client and regulator.