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Race The Sun Training

Race The Sun Training

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So it’s time to start taking the challenge seriously and with this in mind the newly established Provectus teams made their way to the Lake District on the 26th June for a Saturday of cycling and walking.

The weekend was off to an ominous start with an 8 hour journey starting from Chelmsford. As we approached Keswick we were notified by our scout, Mark, that the campsite we had earmarked was fully booked. We therefore had to quickly re-establish to a new location (which would immediately add on an extra 20 miles to our proposed cycle ride).

Friday night was then spent pitching the tent and getting stuck into a well deserved barbeque. It was then time to sleep and ensure we were ready for the day ahead.

Saturday started with making sure we had a car at the base of Hellvelyn with all of our walking equipment and thus minimising the weight we all had to carry on the bike. This was aimed to mimic the actual conditions we will have as closely as possible. It was then time for a warm up and Ania put us all through our paces to make sure that cramp did not immediately settle in.

Then it was off and through the campsite, much to the bemusement of the holidaymakers. The first leg of the ride was down to Keswick (10 miles). This was not without incident as it was on this leg that we all realised Kayleigh had decided to undertake the ride on an antique bike made of lead, with no gears! This made the ride interesting and while Mark and Clive rode on ahead to Keswick to sort out a hire bike, Ania and Kayleigh nursed the “Trojan” to Keswick (with Jason pushing!).

We sorted out a hire bike at a shop located next to the James Bond museum. It was then on to Hellvelyn including the very steep climb out of Keswick. This hill was done at individual pace and we regrouped at the top. At this stage I must apologise to the man washing his car on his drive halfway up when he saw me, red faced sort of snarl and grunt at him (sorry I was trying to smile and say hello!). It was then time for fun and the ride down the other side where top speeds of 37 mph were recorded.

We then located the base of the walk, secured the bikes and a quick change into walking gear. Despite Jason’s assurances the walk was easy, it was not quite as easy as he remembered and the start was very steep. The Team plugged on at a pace and eventually settled down for something to eat at the top. The Team then made their way down taking in the views of Thirlmere. Carl found his own inventive way down for a section using the hill as a large slide! It was then back to the car and changed back into cycling gear. On this leg we completely minimised on what we were carrying to make the ride easier. This second leg was when a little fatigue started to kick in and the hill to the top of the pass into Keswick proved fairly hard work. However, it was quite satisfying to cycle into Keswick at considerable speed. Obviously, this side of the hill having a 30 mph limit we were all very careful to ensure the law was adhered to!

The final leg from Keswick to the campsite, was not so much fun as, being essentially a run of three long downhills in the morning, it was basically uphill all the way. However, the ride was completed resulting in a training day comprising 32 miles cycling and up and down Hellvelyn in a little over 7 hours. With a little more work still to do we feel sure we will be ready for the challenge. Your sponsorship will not be wasted!!!