Provectus Remediation Ltd - Testimonials

"Price is always a driving factor when choosing a partner to to work with, but working with a business that responds wisely and swiftly to challenges is vitally important to us as an organisation. Their expertise was invaluable to the project and the level of communication has been excellent throughout the project, we have been kept well informed on progress, changes and challenges. It is great to find a business that can be trusted to work through issues as they arise on a project and simply get the job done, with minimum disruption. Above all, they are extremely professional and have a total understanding of their client's needs".
Director, Property Developer
"As our head office is located directly overlooking the site, we witnessed the way Provectus work at very close quarters. We were delighted at how smoothly the job was managed and disruption kept to a minimum. Any issues were always discussed and dealt with swiftly, making the whole process of being located next to a dusty "building site" so much easier. It is always great when a company say what they are going to do and then just get on and do it, without the need for the client to keep close tabs on progress".
Construction Director, UK House Builder
" As Senior Protection Office for East Northamptonshire Council my role involved much liaison with Provectus, their client and the Environmental Agency. As the project had a high profile locally, it was to everyone's benefit to reach a swift conclusion to the project. All parties were working to tight timescales, so communication and co-operation were key to the success of the project. I consider the work undertaken to be almost a text book remediation project. It certainly made my life easier having such good co-operation during the site investigation and works".
Senior Environmental Protection Officer, County Council
"Many aspects are important in choosing who will be best for a particular project. Price, speed, innovation, technical ability are all important, but the overriding one had to be speed of response. The ability to act quickly and be flexible when a client's needs change is what Provectus deliver for us time and time again".
Executive Partner , Civil and Structural Engineers
"Provectus managed all of the works to a high standard and managed to get the highest health and safety score of 2015 from the Company's external auditor. The auditors were particularly impressed with the innovative approach to dust and vibration monitoring on surrounding properties".
Construction Programme Manager, High End Food Retail 
" In order to meet our challenging programme, a significant amount of preparatory works took place concurrently with ground water and soils remediation, so good site management was key to the projects success. Provectus had the ability to deal with site issues and assisted in establishing cost effective solutions  to unforeseen works which arose during the course of the works. Not only were Provectus able to provide cost effective solutions, but their technical knowledge and professionalism gave us great confidence in their ability to deliver our project".
Partner,  Independent Construction and Property Consultancy 
"The work was awarded on a fixed price basis, so Provectus were required to manage the risk associated with what lay beneath whilst dealing with these tanks. This Fixed Price approach suited us as a client, as we are not specialists in land remediation risks, so to know where we stood financially and in timescale terms and have someone else manage that element, meant we could focus on maximising the commercial value of the site. The works were completed and met regulatory approval within the required three month timescale, meeting the developers programme, thus enabling us to realise the land's value and return a derelict brownfield site back to use".
Owner, Privately Owned Family Business
"Their communication throughout the project has been excellent and they were always keen to ensure the project went as smoothly as possible. As with all construction projects there are problems, however Provectus were always keen to meet these challenges and move forward".
Chartered Structural Engineer, on behalf of National Builder
Provectus were able to provide a cost effective disposal solution for the hazardous soils we encountered on site. By using Provectus we were able to significantly reduce disposal costs compared to the alternative  options reviewed, which was of great benefit to both us and our client. We found the customer service excellent with a quick response to enquiries to allow disposal of soils at short notice.  In addition to receiving the soil for treatment they also were able to arrange transport and assist with completion of the hazardous waste consignment notes which we found extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Provectus and look forward to working with them again on future projects.”
Contracts Manager – Main Contractor
“We engaged Provectus Remediation Ltd to remedy risks from impacted soils to groundworkers and future residents.  Provectus safely and efficiently excavated approximately 30,000m3 of soils, and backfilled the materials within a remote infill area.  Provectus also built a pile mat within the development area thereby allowing our other contractors to proceed with construction work.  Verification reporting of chemistry, geotechnical parameters and air quality confirmed that Provectus’ work was conducted to the required standard.  Provectus proved to be reliable, delivering the project in a safe manner to the agreed quality, cost and program.”   
Infrastructure Manager, UK House Developer/strong

"Their speed of response and accuracy has been key to ensuring issues are identified and dealt with quickly and effectively. We provided Provectus with a brief for a recent pre-acquisition due diligence and a price was agreed and the job completed by Provectus Group with a rapid turnaround (only eleven days), helping us complete a key transaction on time.”
Group Risk Controller, Leading Frozen Food Company